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Amplify With AI

Unleash Time Freedom and Grow Profits 

Step into a world where Artificial Intelligence is your ally, not a challenge. 'Amplify With AI' empowers you to break free from the confines of time and complexity, unlocking a future where growing your profits and reclaiming your freedom is not just possible—it's practically effortless.

Who is this for?

Amplify with AI will give you the tools, inspiration and support on your journey to implementing AI tools allowing you to make a bigger impact on others while creating more freedom for you.

YOU are in the right place!

Amplify With AI is for YOU

Are YOU intrigued by the potential of AI to revolutionize how we live and the greater business landscape but not sure where to start?

Are YOU looking to create sustainable wealth through smart, AI-driven strategies and opportunities?

YOU are not a tech wizard but your curiosity drives you to explore AI tools that could simplify complex tasks and decisions?

Does every minute count in YOUR busy schedule, looking to maximize output while minimizing effort?

Do YOU strive for balance beyond business success, seeking a harmonious life where work doesn't overshadow your time with loved ones or personal passions?


'Amplify With AI' is a 4-week intensive program designed to transform your relationship with technology and unlock new realms of possibility for your business. Each of the 4 modules focuses on a distinct aspect of AI integration, ensuring a well-rounded learning experience.

Daily Lessons

Bite-sized lessons delivered straight to your inbox, providing daily learning opportunities without overwhelming your schedule.

Weekly Tech Call

A dedicated weekly session to address your technical queries, ensuring you overcome any hurdles in applying your new knowledge

Weekly Skills Call

Engage in real-time discussions, ask questions, and learn directly from experts to enhance your practical skills.

Skills and Confidence

Develop the competence to consistently leverage AI for reliable results, boosting your confidence


Bonus content and tools designed to delight and further enrich your learning process.

Upon Completion of Amplify With AI You Will Have....


Understood and set clear AI implementation goals, you'll align your desired business strategies with your life aspirations, ensuring every step you take with AI brings you closer to your desired future.


Gained a solid grasp of AI's core principles, making the technology approachable and demystifying its capabilities, so you can make informed decisions about how to integrate it into your business operations.


Discovered and started using key AI tools that are most relevant and beneficial to your business, for a dependable ally in your business growth journey.

A Message From Julia.....

Hi! I’m Julia, the architect behind ‘Amplify With AI’. My journey into the realm of AI wasn’t charted from the start; it unfolded through almost 20 years of immersive experience within the echelons of globally renowned tech giants. My initiation into AI was less about coding prowess and more about demystifying this formidable technology for everyday use.


In these years, I transitioned from a novice, daunted by the intricacies of AI, to an ardent advocate for its potential to redefine our professional and personal landscapes. The evolution of AI from the secluded labs of elite institutions to a tool of unparalleled accessibility and impact captivated my imagination. Yet, I recognize the journey to embrace AI is often shadowed by a fog of uncertainty, prompting questions and concerns about its application and trustworthiness.


My mission through ‘Amplify With AI’ is to clear the mist, to offer you a compass and map to navigate the AI landscape. This course is crafted to unravel the complexities of AI, equipping you with essential skills and a clear, actionable plan to integrate AI tools seamlessly into your life. It’s about transforming AI from a concept of overwhelming potential into a tangible instrument of empowerment, enhancing your freedom and enabling you to invest your time and energy in what truly matters to you.


I am thrilled at the prospect of accompanying you on this path to unlocking new dimensions of freedom and possibility with AI.

Can't wait to see you!


Unleash Time Freedom and Grow Profits

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Be Here Now

In an era where 85% of businesses are exploring or integrating AI into their operations, standing on the sidelines is NO longer an option.


The adoption of AI is not just a trend; it's a fundamental shift in how businesses operate, offering unprecedented opportunities for efficiency, innovation, growth and wealth.


From automating mundane tasks to uncovering new revenue streams, AI is redefining what's possible. 'Amplify With AI' isn't just a course; it's YOUR gateway to being part of this transformative wave, ensuring you and your business are not just surviving but thriving in the new digital landscape.

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